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Adam Miller

Adam is a graduate of Dundee Central School class of 2008. He has extensive hands on
experience when it comes to home construction and has worked in maintenance for many
years. Adam and his wife, Emilee, met in high school, purchased their first home, and were
married in 2013. In 2016 they welcomed their daughter, Sophia, into their family.

Adam had been searching to find the right career for some time, a career that would not only be
rewarding, but challenging, as well. Adam’s interests and insights are in construction, research,
math, and working with people. With his construction and building background Adam knows
exactly what he would look for structurally in a home, and as to what modifications would be
possible. Adam, recently made the decision to take the NYS required classes and exams to
procure a real estate license. Having successfully completed all the NYS requirements, Adam
decided to apply for a position on the Mark Malcolm Real Estate Team. “I knew that with Mark’s
knowledge and success in the real estate field I would be able to learn from one of the best.
Each step completed reaffirms my decision to start this new adventure.”

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